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Tesla uncorking table for 75 kWh batteries

Lower Tesla parking mirror

Some Model S and Model X vehicles with production dates between approximately early 2016 and late 2017 are eligible for a free performance update. This subsequent increase in performance is also called “uncorking”. It concerns vehicles with an installed battery capacity of 75 kWh. Unfortunately, Tesla does not communicate which other technical requirements must be […]

Tesla parts catalog and data sheets

Tesla Parts Catalogue

Where can I find the Tesla parts catalog? In the past, Tesla had been rather reluctant to provide technical information and data sheets on vehicle parts and components. In November 2018, however, online access to the data sheets and parts catalogs was made possible. Tesla parts catalog The information is available and freely accessible on […]

Tesla Cybertruck: what we know so far about the Truck

Tesla Truck

With the presentation of his planned truck, Tesla has virtually burst a bomb. Much was speculated in advance about details and what the pickup truck would look like. But nobody had expected this design. Accordingly, the topic polarizes in the media. While some find the design ingenious, futuristic and innovative, others call it a fantasy, […]