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What does the logo with the Tesla T really stand for?

Tesla T Logo

You might think that the Tesla logo with the sleek T simply stands for the name Tesla, but this is not correct. Of course, you may assume that it was chosen because of the name Tesla, too. But as Elon Musk revealed in a Twitter post, it’s actually a symbolic representation of an important component […]

Tesla Model 3 Winter Tire Recommendations

Tesla Model 3 Winter

The winter tires mentioned in this article are recommended on Facebook and in Internet forums by Tesla drivers for the Model 3. These are premium tires, as road safety is one of the most important characteristics of a tire. Recommendations for the other Tesla models can be found here: Model Y / Model X / […]

Tesla Model Y Accessories

Tesla Model Y Accessories

This is a list of some popular Tesla Model Y Accessories. Products for the other Tesla models can be found here: Model 3, Model S and Model X. Accessories categories: Interior Floor space Trunk Exterior Lighting Miscellaneous * = This is an Affiliate Link. You support if you buy through these links. There are […]