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Should I buy a Tesla now or wait for a newer version?

Should I buy a Tesla now or wait

Should I buy a Tesla now or wait? Will a larger battery be on the market soon? Is there perhaps even a price reduction or is the equipment changing? How does the technical development continue and what is coming soon? You can never be sure if new features will not be released soon. In fact, […]

Tesla speed limit sign recognition

Tesla speed limit sign recognition

Which Tesla models are capable of speed limit sign recognition? Tesla drivers had to wait a long time for this function. Since September 2020, the function is finally available for the newer vehicles, albeit with limitations. This article collects the facts and what is known about this topic. Which Tesla models offer speed limit sign […]

Tesla Model S versions and battery sizes

Tesla Model S battery sizes

The Tesla Model S has been sold in different versions with different battery sizes since 2012. Due to the rapid development of battery technologies, Tesla has changed production several times and discontinued some variants with smaller battery packs. If you want to buy a used Model S, you will quickly lose track of which vintage […]