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Why does the Tesla automatic lane change work that bad?

Tesla automatic lane change

The Tesla Autopilot offers various assistance functions, including automatic lane change. Unfortunately, this often does not work as desired, or the vehicle sometimes simply aborts the maneuver for no apparent reason. The reason for this behavior is called UN/ECE r79. Behind this cryptic abbreviation is the document “UN Regulation 79“. It was published by the […]

Tesla short tips and hacks that you may not know

tesla tips

This article collects short tips about Tesla vehicles and is being extended with new entries. Using Google Maps on your mobile phone, send a navigation destination to the Tesla. From the “Google Maps” app for iPhone and Android, navigation destinations can be sent directly to the Tesla navigation system: Type a destination in the Google […]

Tesla Model 3 Performance differences

Tesla Model 3 Performance

What are the differences between the Tesla Model 3 Performance and the “Standard Range” or “Maximum Range” version? Here is a summary: Tesla Model 3 Performance values In terms of performance values, the performance model differs significantly, mainly due to its acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds. Compared to the Model 3 […]

Tesla voice control tips and voice commands

tesla voice commands

Since the introduction of the Tesla Model S, certain functions can be called via voice commands in Tesla’s cars. For the voice control to work, an internet connection is required. It is interesting to note that the system usually displays the recognized words on the screen completely wrong. However, a short comparison with the server […]

Find a Hotel with EV charging stations

hotel ev charging

Nowadays more and more Hotel and other accommodation facilities offer EV charging stations for their guests. Nevertheless, it is still not a service that can be taken for granted, as is the case with WLAN almost everywhere. To plan a journey, or to search spontaneously for accommodation on the way, the following websites allow a […]