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How to prevent Tesla Autopilot steering wheel nag

prevent Tesla steering wheel nag

You often read on Facebook in the Tesla groups about the “hold steering wheel” message that regularly appears on the screen when driving on autopilot. Some drivers also complain that they are asked to turn the steering wheel slightly every 10 seconds. Mainly with newer software versions one is obviously very often “forced” to do […]

Electric cars information without fake news

electric cars information

To find good electric car’s information without bias is not easy. This article links to some blog posts worth reading about electric cars: The Story of Energy & How Tesla Will Change The World. A excellent article about the history of mankind and why we actually burn oil. The second part explains very informatively why […]

How long does it take to charge a Tesla?

How long does it take to charge a Tesla

Tesla drivers are often asked how long it takes to charge a Tesla. For someone who doesn’t drive an electric car, it is very unusual to imagine having to wait until the car is “full” again. After all, one is used to drive from a gasoline or diesel car to the gas station, wait a […]

Tesla Lane Departure Avoidance Feature

Tesla Lane Departure Avoidance

At the beginning of May 2019, Tesla announced in its Blog the new safety features “Lane Departure Avoidance” and “Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance”. The following article describes exactly which functions are involved and how the experiences with them are described in Internet forums and on Facebook. These two new functions are activated for the Model […]

How does Tesla NoA (Navigate On Autopilot) work?

Tesla Navigate on Autopilot

A feature of the Tesla autopilot is called NoA (“Navigate on Autopilot”). This means that the vehicle itself determines on which lane of the highway it should be. The autopilot also ensures that you reach the desired exit to continue following the programmed navigation destination. In addition, it constantly determines possibilities for switching to a […]

The best Tesla Apps for Android and iOS

Tesla Apps for Android and iOS

With the official Tesla App, numerous functions of the vehicle can be controlled via the mobile phone. Independent of this, there are other Tesla apps for Apple iOS and Android that have been developed by third parties. Password Security and third-party Tesla Apps that are not developed by Tesla Inc. NOTICE: If you use such […]

Tesla CCS Adapter retrofit for Model S and X

Tesla CCS Adapter

Tesla is offering a retrofit CCS Adapter for Model S and Model X. CCS is now the standard for electric car fast charging connectors in Europe. However, Tesla had relied on the Type 2 plug from the very beginning in Europe. In a modified version of the Type 2 plug, it allows charging with alternating […]