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Tesla Autopilot AP3 / HW3 Computer Upgrade

Tesla Autopilot upgrade

This post describes what upgrade options are available to replace the Tesla autopilot computer and upgrade to a newer version. The Tesla Autopilot has been continuously improved since its release in 2014. Not only the software is continuously optimized and equipped with new functions, but also the hardware in the vehicles has been revised several […]

Tesla Model S Facelift vs. Pre-facelift

Tesla Facelift differences

This article describes the differences of the post 2016 Facelift Tesla Model S and the Pre-facelift Version of the car. Upper car = Facelift since (since April 2016) Lower car = pre-Facelift (before April 2016) External differences The front of the Facelift Model S is completely closed. While the previous model was still equipped with […]

Tesla Model 3 hacks and operating tips

Tesla Model 3 red

With its touchscreen the Tesla Model 3 has many settings and options. To save costs and make the user interface updatable, Tesla has moved as many functions as possible to the screen. There are practically no physical buttons and switches. Even the glove box or the side mirrors are adjusted via the touchscreen. One is […]

Key battery empty: locked out from Tesla

Tesla locked out

If you have accidentally locked yourself out of the Tesla, you might be glad if you have already dealt with the topic before what to do then. The Model S and X Key FOB is powered by a small battery button cell. The button cell only lasts up to about one year with the energy […]