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Charging Tips

These posts contain tips and tricks about battery charging.

Maximum Tesla charge current compared

tesla charge current

Due to improvements in battery technology, not all Tesla models have the same maximum charge current at a fast charging station. The following table shows the differences in maximum possible charging speed depending on vehicle model. This is dependent on the type of battery cell installed and other improvements Tesla has incorporated into production over […]

Find a Hotel with EV charging stations

hotel ev charging

Nowadays more and more Hotel and other accommodation facilities offer EV charging stations for their guests. Nevertheless, it is still not a service that can be taken for granted, as is the case with WLAN almost everywhere. To plan a journey, or to search spontaneously for accommodation on the way, the following websites allow a […]

How long does it take to charge a Tesla?

How long does it take to charge a Tesla

Tesla drivers are often asked how long it takes to charge a Tesla. For someone who doesn’t drive an electric car, it is very unusual to imagine having to wait until the car is “full” again. After all, one is used to drive from a gasoline or diesel car to the gas station, wait a […]

Tesla CCS Adapter retrofit for Model S and X

Tesla CCS Adapter

Tesla is offering a retrofit CCS Adapter for Model S and Model X. CCS is now the standard for electric car fast charging connectors in Europe. However, Tesla had relied on the Type 2 plug from the very beginning in Europe. In a modified version of the Type 2 plug, it allows charging with alternating […]

Tesla charging time differences by model

Tesla price charging time

Not all Tesla models charge at the Supercharger with the same speed. The charging time differs in the battery capacity and the cell type used in the Tesla batteries. Tesla used to name its vehicle models after the corresponding battery capacity in kWh. Model S100D, for example, stood for a Model S with 100 kWh […]

Tesla energy saving during long periods of inactivity

tesla energy saving

A Tesla consumes power from the battery even when it is not in use. The reason for this battery discharge is the Tesla onboard computer, which is always connected to the Internet to respond to requests from the mobile phone app. Also, the check for software updates is done regularly and automatically. Therefore, a Tesla […]