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These posts contain information about Tesla and electric driving.

Funny Tesla Commercials

Tesla Commercials

With this post I present a few funny commercials about Tesla advertising and electric cars. Officially, Tesla doesn’t do any advertising at all. Anyway, in some years no money was spent on classic media. But there are numerous commercials that were clearly produced by Tesla. In addition, thousands of fans and YouTubers also do additional […]

Useful links about Tesla and electric mobility

Tesla Links

The better known Tesla becomes, the more is written about it on the Internet. From the mass of information I have selected and listed a few useful links. Besides news sources about electric cars, there are also websites for practical applications such as route planners. Other pages are just for entertainment. Have fun! This list […]

What does the logo with the Tesla T really stand for?

Tesla T

You might think that the Tesla logo with the sleek T simply stands for the name Tesla, but this is not correct. Of course, you may assume that it was chosen because of the name Tesla, too. But as Elon Musk revealed in a Twitter post, it’s actually a symbolic representation of an important component […]

Is now the right time to buy Tesla stock?

Buy Tesla stock

After the Corona Stock market collapse many people are asking themselves if now is the right time to buy Tesla shares? After the extreme rise in the share price at the beginning of 2020, the price of Tesla shares has fallen massively again since the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus. Could it be that the […]

Tesla speed limit sign recognition

Tesla speed limit sign recognition

Which Tesla models are capable of speed limit sign recognition? Tesla drivers had to wait a long time for this function. Since September 2020, the function is finally available for the newer vehicles, albeit with limitations. This article collects the facts and what is known about this topic. Which Tesla models offer speed limit sign […]

Electric cars information without fake news

electric cars information

To find good electric car’s information without bias is not easy. This article links to some blog posts worth reading about electric cars: The Story of Energy & How Tesla Will Change The World. A excellent article about the history of mankind and why we actually burn oil. The second part explains very informatively why […]