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Model X

Defective Tesla display: yellow border

TEsla Yellow Border MCU

Since about the beginning of 2018 a yellow border appeared in the MCU display of several Tesla Model S and Model X. In the beginning Tesla replaced these damaged displays, but after some time the same problem appeared on the replaced units. My Model S from spring 2017 was also affected and in this article […]

Maximum Tesla charge current compared

tesla charge current

Due to improvements in battery technology, not all Tesla models have the same maximum charge current at a fast charging station. The following table shows the differences in maximum possible charging speed depending on vehicle model. This is dependent on the type of battery cell installed and other improvements Tesla has incorporated into production over […]

Tesla speed limit sign recognition

Tesla speed limit sign recognition

Which Tesla models are capable of speed limit sign recognition? Tesla drivers had to wait a long time for this function. Since September 2020, the function is finally available for the newer vehicles, albeit with limitations. This article collects the facts and what is known about this topic. Which Tesla models offer speed limit sign […]