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Model Y

You’re new to Tesla? Then you will find here a summary of the Tesla Model Y.


Is Tesla FSD worth it? Buy Full Self Driving or not?

The Tesla FSD “Full self-driving” option is a software package that Tesla sells for vehicles with Autopilot 2 hardware or higher. The option is also called FSD for short. This completely revised article describes the current status of functions and should help to find out whether the purchase of FSD is reasonable or whether the […]

Nine Tesla data logger providers in comparison

Tesla data logger

With a Tesla data logger, vehicle data can be evaluated and analyzed. Information on consumption, individual trips and loads can be graphically evaluated and analyzed. This provides an exact insight into running costs and driving behavior and can even save money through optimization. In addition to other functions, the so-called vampire drain of the vehicle […]

Tesla Model Y Accessories

Tesla Model Y Accessories

This is a list of some popular Tesla Model Y Accessories.Products for the other Tesla models can be found here: Model 3, Model S and Model X. Accessories categories: Interior Floor space Trunk Exterior Lighting Miscellaneous * = This is an Affiliate Link. You support if you buy through these links. There are no […]