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Pre-owned Cars Know-How

What is the Tesla Tech package?

Tesla Tech Package

Tesla sold the Tech Package as an option for the first Model S. It contains various functions and features that were not included in the basic version of the Model S at that time. The most important feature of the Tech Package is the integrated navigation with Maps. It was therefore virtually indispensable for the […]

Tesla Model S Facelift vs. Pre-facelift

Tesla Facelift differences

This article describes the differences of the post 2016 Facelift Tesla Model S and the Pre-facelift Version of the car. Upper car = Facelift since (since April 2016) Lower car = pre-Facelift (before April 2016) External differences The front of the Facelift Model S is completely closed. While the previous model was still equipped with […]

Overview of Tesla pre-owned car inventory sources (CPO)

Tesla CPO Raven

You can find a pre-owned Tesla car also in the official inventory. These are sold by Tesla after a check as so-called CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) vehicles with a limited warranty. In addition, so-called “inventory new cars” are usually also on offer. These are exhibition vehicles or cars produced “on stock” with frequently sold configurations. Tesla […]

Tesla AP1 vs AP2 vs AP3 – Difference between Autopilot versions

Tesla Autopilot AP1 vs AP2 vs AP3

The combination of different driver assistance systems is also called autopilot by Tesla. Since the system is constantly being further developed, there are now several versions. The difference is the autopilot hardware installed in the Tesla vehicle, the activated software options and the resulting possible range of functions. Starting in October 2014, all Tesla vehicles […]