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Tesla Beginners

These posts contain information for people who are not yet very familiar with electric driving and want to learn about the basics.

Useful links about Tesla and electric mobility

Tesla Links

The better known Tesla becomes, the more is written about it on the Internet. From the mass of information I have selected and listed a few useful links. Besides news sources about electric cars, there are also websites for practical applications such as route planners. Other pages are just for entertainment. Have fun! This list […]

Should I buy a Tesla now or wait for a newer version?

Should I buy a Tesla now or wait

Should I buy a Tesla now or wait? Will a larger battery be on the market soon? Is there perhaps even a price reduction or is the equipment changing? How does the technical development continue and what is coming soon? You can never be sure if new features will not be released soon. In fact, […]

How long does it take to charge a Tesla?

How long does it take to charge a Tesla

Tesla drivers are often asked how long it takes to charge a Tesla. For someone who doesn’t drive an electric car, it is very unusual to imagine having to wait until the car is “full” again. After all, one is used to drive from a gasoline or diesel car to the gas station, wait a […]

Tesla trip planning. How to plan long distance routes

Tesla Trip planning range

I do some long-distance trips with my Model S several times a year. But I regularly hear the following or similar arguments when I talk to someone about electric driving when it comes to the topic of long-distance trip planning with a Tesla: “Electric cars have too little range. They’re only good for commuting and […]