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Tips & Tricks

These posts contain tips and tricks about Tesla vehicles and electric driving.

How to clean and seal the white Tesla seats

clean white Tesla seats

White seats look great in a Tesla and are basically easy to clean. Although the artificial leather is very durable, there are still problems with stains from denim pants. These stains cannot be removed easily. Tesla has no longer used genuine leather seats since July 2017. Before that, genuine leather was used for the black […]

Shop for Tesla accessories with this coupon code

Tesla Accessories Sale Coupon Code

In this post you will find a few product links to exclusive Tesla accessories:   Shop for Tesla accessories at*   More Tesla Accessories T-Shirt Visit our T-Shirt Online-Shop with many designs all around  Tesla and electric cars. View all Designs* * = This is an Affiliate Link. You support if you buy […]

X-Mas Gifts for Tesla Fans. Not only for Christmas

Tesla Christmas Gifts

Christmas is already just around the corner. But what do you give a Tesla fan? This article is about gift ideas for Tesla. I already published this post last year. Now it has been revised and a few ideas for more Tesla gifts have been added.  T-Shirts all about Tesla and electric cars Visit our […]

Tesla Model 3 Winter Tire Recommendations

Tesla Model 3 Winter

The winter tires mentioned in this article are recommended on Facebook and in Internet forums by Tesla drivers for the Model 3. These are premium tires, as road safety is one of the most important characteristics of a tire. Recommendations for the other Tesla models can be found here: Model Y / Model X / […]