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Tesla voice control tips and voice commands

tesla voice commands

Since the introduction of the Tesla Model S, certain functions can be called via voice commands in Tesla’s cars. For the voice control to work, an internet connection is required. It is interesting to note that the system usually displays the recognized words on the screen completely wrong. However, a short comparison with the server […]

Find a Hotel with EV charging stations

hotel ev charging

Nowadays more and more Hotel and other accommodation facilities offer EV charging stations for their guests. Nevertheless, it is still not a service that can be taken for granted, as is the case with WLAN almost everywhere. To plan a journey, or to search spontaneously for accommodation on the way, the following websites allow a […]

The best Tesla Apps for Android and iOS

Tesla Apps for Android and iOS

With the official Tesla App, numerous functions of the vehicle can be controlled via the mobile phone. Independent of this, there are other Tesla apps for Apple iOS and Android that have been developed by third parties. Password Security and third-party Tesla Apps that are not developed by Tesla Inc. NOTICE: If you use such […]

Tesla driver profile for narrow car parks

Lower Tesla parking mirror

Maneuvering in car parks is sometimes not easy with the Tesla Model S and Model X because of the vehicle dimensions. European car parks are often not very spacious and scratched rims are almost pre-programmed sooner or later. Due to the lateral lane limitations in parking garages, centimeter work is required with the large width […]

Tesla Model 3 hacks and operating tips

Tesla hacks

With its touchscreen the Tesla Model 3 has many settings and options. To save costs and make the user interface updatable, Tesla has moved as many functions as possible to the screen. There are practically no physical buttons and switches. Even the glove box or the side mirrors are adjusted via the touchscreen. One is […]

Key battery empty: locked out from Tesla

Tesla locked out

If you have accidentally locked yourself out of the Tesla, you might be glad if you have already dealt with the topic before what to do then. The Model S and X Key FOB is powered by a small battery button cell. The button cell only lasts up to about one year with the energy […]