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Tesla battery type

Decode Tesla battery type number

This article explains how to find out which type of battery is installed in the Tesla. Tesla used to use the capacity of the battery in kWh for the Model S and Model X. For example, “S75D” stands for a Model S with 75 kilowatt hours (kWh) and four-wheel drive (D stands for Dual Motor).

Over the years, however, different batteries with the same capacity have been installed. The exact type can be identified by the Tesla “Part Number” on the sticker in the passenger side front wheel case (turn the wheels to the left before, then you can see the sticker).

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Tesla Battery Type List

The battery’s product number can be compared and decoded on Fabbec’s battery decoder website.

On this page Tesla owner Fabecc lists the known battery types. It is assumed that a special battery type is also required for the “uncorking” of the Tesla Model S75D and X75D. The “Uncorking” increases the power of a 75D vehicle by about 100 HP, but requires specific components in the vehicle.

If you find a corresponding comparison page for Model 3 batteries, please contact me. I will then add the information here.

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