electric cars information
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Electric cars information without fake news

To find good electric car’s information without bias is not easy. This article links to some blog posts worth reading about electric cars:

The Story of Energy & How Tesla Will Change The World.

A excellent article about the history of mankind and why we actually burn oil.

The second part explains very informatively why 100 years ago vehicles with combustion engines prevailed over electric vehicles.

The third part is about the history of Tesla. The author has interviewed Elon Musk personally and describes his vision in detail.

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Tesla’s Autonomy Day, the Stock, Short Sellers and More

This is an article about the Tesla stock price.

The author explains why many financial analysts may misjudge Tesla. A company like Tesla simply did not exist until now. Drawing conclusions about Tesla’s future from experiences with other car manufacturers may not be realistic.

Ultimately, however, the Tesla share is and remains a highly speculative investment.

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The Osborne Effect and the automotive industry

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The coming recession in the automotive industry – Will the crisis be as severe as the catastrophe of 2008?

A major storm is brewing over the automotive industry. Three hardly noticeable but serious phenomena are converging at the moment. Just like a storm that turns into a devastating hurricane when the “right” conditions come together.

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Why we like to badmouth new developments like electric cars

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Every change, even for the better, hurts. Because, a personal change means admitting that we did something wrong in the past. We then ask ourselves why we did not draw conclusions earlier.

This is currently the case with the transition to electric cars. The fear of gaining something good but unknown is often greater than the fear of losing something bad but familiar. That’s why we glorify the known and look for the negative in the unknown.

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Electromobility as a scapegoat?

electric cars information
Image credits: energiewende-rocken.org

With electric cars, suddenly everyone becomes an environmental and human rights expert. With the internal combustion engine, no one has ever done that before. So, why the electric car all of a sudden? Who wants the electric car to be an environmental and social sinner? A villain who thinks it’s evil. Read more…

Is the electric car really an aberration?

electric cars information
Image credits: www.golem.de

In recent months, criticism of battery-powered electric cars has increased. Golem.de has taken a closer look at the arguments of the many critics regarding the CO2 balance and the mining of raw materials.
The more seriously the policy and the automobile industry mean it with the electric car, the more the fundamental criticism of the battery technology seems to become. Read more…Read more…

When will Tesla become profitable?

Image Credits: stefansboersenblog.com

An article for all who own or want to buy Tesla shares. The author makes an extrapolation with different statistics and key figures to Tesla’s quarterly results of the last years.

The result is an interesting perspective, which is strangely enough always concealed by the media between burning Tesla’s and quarterly losses. It shows: if you want to grow up you have to invest a lot. And that is exactly what Tesla does.

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Want some more electric car’s information?

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