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How does Tesla NoA (Navigate On Autopilot) work?

A feature of the Tesla autopilot is called NoA (“Navigate on Autopilot”). This means that the vehicle itself determines on which lane of the highway it should be. The autopilot also ensures that you reach the desired exit to continue following the programmed navigation destination. In addition, it constantly determines possibilities for switching to a faster lane when you are behind a slower vehicle.

Currently, the vehicle can handle the following situations on highways with NoA switched on:

  • The Autopilot suggests lane changes to overtake slower vehicles. After confirmation, these changes are carried out automatically (in the US optionally also without confirmation).
  • The automatic driving on highway intersections. The necessary lane changes are suggested based on the programmed navigation destination.
  • Automatic driving on highway entrances and exits. Lane changes in entrances and exits are now also suggested and driven automatically.


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Requirements for Tesla NoA

Whether you can use NoA in your Tesla depends on the following factors:

1. The Country

The country in which the vehicle was registered is decisive. The Model 3 was already approved for the European markets when it was introduced with NoA function. NoA therefore works in Model 3 in all countries.

The Model S and the Model X were already registered in Europe before NoA. As there is no UN-ECE standard for NoA, Tesla must apply for approval for NoA in Model S and X individually for each country. For this reason, “Navigate on Autopilot” does not currently work for the Tesla Model S and Model X in all European countries.

On Facebook and in forums the following information has been confirmed by Tesla drivers:

Tesla NoA works in:
United Kingdom
Switzerland (as of software 2019.16.3)
Austria (as of Software 2019.16.3)
Luxembourg (as of Software 2019.16.3)
Belgium (as of Software 2019.16.3)

If a NoA-activated vehicle is driven across the border into a country without NoA, the function is automatically deactivated and only the normal autopilot is available.

2. The vehicle software version

NoA is only available from the following software version on:

Model 3 : from 2019.8.5
Model S and X : from 2019.16.1

3. The Autopilot hardware

NoA is only available with the following autopilot hardware. Differences of the autopilot hardware are explained in this article.
AP1 = no NoA
AP2.0 = NoA available
AP2.5 = NoA available
AP3.0 = NoA available

4. The Autopilot Software

NoA is only available with the following autopilot software:

  • Vehicles with order date before 28. February 2019:
    • Without EAP: no NoA
    • With EAP: NoA works
    • With EAP and FSD: NoA works
  • Vehicles with order date after 28. February 2019:
    • With Basic Autopilot only: no NoA
    • With FSD: NoA works

5. Navigation map update for Tesla NoA

On Facebook, Tesla drivers said that apparently the map update 2018.42.1729 is also a requirement for NoA. The installed map version can be checked in the vehicle settings in the menu “Software” under the item “Navigation data”.

The vehicle can only download a map update via a Wi-Fi connection. If you do not have Wi-Fi, you can alternatively set up a Wi-Fi hotspot with your mobile phone. ATTENTION Data volume: Map updates are several gigabytes in size!

Conclusion about Tesla NoA

Only when all five points are met can NoA be activated in the vehicle’s autopilot settings. It remains to be seen how long Tesla will take for registration in all countries.

Check Settings -> Autopilot -> Navigate On Autopilot”


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