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Overview of Tesla pre-owned car inventory sources (CPO)

You can find a pre-owned Tesla car also in the official inventory. These are sold by Tesla after a check as so-called CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) vehicles with a limited warranty. In addition, so-called “inventory new cars” are usually also on offer. These are exhibition vehicles or cars produced “on stock” with frequently sold configurations.

Tesla pre-owned car cpo worldwide inventory lists

On the Tesla website these vehicles are advertised. However, they are only available per country. But there are websites that list the inventory and CPO stock globally for all countries. However, these websites have no reference to the Tesla company, but only link to the inventory of the vehicles.


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If you are looking for a pre-owned Tesla, you can quickly find it here because depending on the price it can be interesting to buy a Tesla for example in the Netherlands and import it to Germany or Switzerland.

The three following websites show the whole stock of CPO and inventory vehicles. And with additional filters, you can also find your desired configuration quickly:


Do you plan to buy a used Tesla? Avoid costly problems by checking the vehicle history. With the chassis number (VIN) you will immediately receive your vehicle report for this car.

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Regarding the various vehicle options can be useful in a private purchase on the following website:


This unofficial “Tesla Options Decoder” shows which options are installed in a vehicle. The information from the Tesla account of the current owner of the vehicle is evaluated:

  • Login to the Tesla.com account of the current owner of the vehicle
  • Right-click on the picture of your vehicle -> copy image address
  • Paste this copied link into the Options Decoder. It evaluates and displays the options it contains.

This Link does not contain any sensitive information. It’s safe to paste it onto the decoder website. As of August 2019, Option Codes cannot be relied on. Newer Vehicles now return a generic set of codes related to a Model 3.

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