Lower Tesla parking mirror
Image Credits: Tesla

Tesla driver profile for narrow car parks

Maneuvering in car parks is sometimes not easy with the Tesla Model S and Model X because of the vehicle dimensions. European car parks are often not very spacious and scratched rims are almost pre-programmed sooner or later. Due to the lateral lane limitations in parking garages, centimeter work is required with the large width of the vehicle. The following simple tip explains how you can have the mirrors of the Tesla lowered automatically in a parking garage.

When reversing, the vehicle automatically lowers its exterior mirrors, provided this has been set in the settings. This makes it easier to see the curb on the rear wheel when parking sideways, for example. However, since in multistory car parks, the vehicle is driven forwards through narrow passages with track markings, it may be useful to lower the mirrors there as well, so that the contact of the rims with the curb can be kept in view.


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The solution: create a second driver profile

To avoid having to lower the mirrors manually every time with the side view mirror adjustment, an additional Tesla driver profile is useful. This profile can be selected with two clicks in the profile menu. To adopt all other settings, simply copy the normal driver profile as follows:

Select your driver profile as normal and lower the mirrors completely.
Then you create a new driver profile with these settings and a new name (for example “lower mirrors”).

So, you can easily switch between the normal driver profile and the second profile. All other settings remain unchanged.

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