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Tesla Model S Dual Charger

Tesla Model S Dual Charger

Tesla dual charger and high power AC charger

The Tesla dual charger was installed as an option in the older pre-facelift Model S vehicles between 2013 and 2016. As standard, these pre-Facelift Model S are equipped with a single charger, which allows rates of 11 kW over three-phase current. For an additional charge, it was possible to have your vehicle equipped with a dual charger that allowed charging rates of 22 kW, if supported by the charging station.

How do I find out if a Tesla dual  charger is installed?

  1. Requirement: it must be a Model S pre-facelift model.
  2. An indication for the dual charger is that 32A charging power can be selected in the charging menu on the screen, if the vehicle is connected to a 22kW capable Type2 three-phase charging station (no supercharger!)

Note: The European Tesla UMC (the mobile charger from Tesla), can only handle 16A, i.e. maximum 11 kW.

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With the introduction of the Facelift Model S, Tesla abolished the dual charger in April 2016. All newer Facelift Model S and all Model X were only equipped with the new 16.5 kW high-power AC charger. Initially, however, the maximum three-phase charging speed was reduced by software to 11 kW output. The purchase of the rather expensive “high-power AC charger” software option then equipped the vehicle with the full 16.5 kW charging power. The price for this option was with about 2000 EUR rather expensive. The 22 kW dual charger option is no longer possible with facelift vehicles.

As of June 2017, Tesla has waived this software limitation. Model S and Model X vehicle orders from June 30, 2017, are equipped with the 16.5 kW high-power AC charger as a standard. A type 2, 400V, 24A 3-phase wall charger is required for use.

Specs overview by vehicle model

Vehicle Maximum possible three-phase charging rate maximum charged miles/hour Ampere
Model S pre-Facelift with single charger 11 kW ~30 mi/h 16A
Model S pre-Facelift with dual charger 22 kW ~65 mi/h 32A
Model S Facelift and X with order date before 30 June 2017 11 kW (upgradeable to 16.5 kW for a fee) ~30 mi/h (~55 mi/h) 16A (24A)
Model S Facelift and X with order date after 30 June 2017 16.5 kW ~55 mi/h 24A


With the newer high-power AC charger, Model S and Model X charge about 1.5 times faster than before with the old single charger. Provided the charging source delivers the correspondingly high power. Nevertheless, it is a pity that Tesla has completely removed the dual charger from the range as an option. This probably has to do with the higher spread of the superchargers because fast charging is more and more preferred on long distances and the Tesla dual charger is only used at home and at the destination. But there it usually makes little sense because the vehicle has enough time to charge due to the usually longer standing time.

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