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Tesla emergency response rescue sheet

Image Credits: Tesla

Tesla emergency rescue sheet download

The Tesla emergency rescue sheet should be printed out and carried in every vehicle. This article explains why it can save lives.

What is the emergency response sheet?

Although the safety systems used in cars today make them safer and safer if an accident, they increasingly lead to problems if the rescue services have to rescue the occupants. The rescue card helps the fire brigade to rescue the occupants. This shortens the rescue time and thus saves lives.

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The knowledge of the position of airbags, sensors, gas pressure dampers and fuel tank is essential for the rescue teams to be able to free the persons trapped in a severely damaged vehicle as quickly as possible. For electric cars, the battery with its power cables is also involved. When using tools for cutting body parts, it is essential to know the exact position of the cables and the location for the batteries emergency disconnection. At the scene of an accident, experts cannot always clearly identify this based on the situation and condition of the accident vehicle. Therefore, it is useful to have the information matching the vehicle available as soon as possible. This is exactly what is documented on the emergency rescue sheet and it’s for your exact vehicle model.

The rescue card is attached under the sun visor on the driver’s side. There it is quickly accessible for the rescue team. Exercises with fire brigades have shown that this can considerably shorten the rescue time.

Tesla Rettungskarte

Tesla emergency rescue sheet behind the sun visor

Download the sheet for Tesla models

Tesla offers various information sheets as PDF files for download under this link. The different emergency rescue sheet are labeled with the file name “Quick response sheet – “.

The sheet should be printed in color and stored behind the sun visor on the driver’s side.

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