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Tesla Extended Warranty: What are the options?

Tesla used to offer a follow-up guarantee insurance for its vehicles through Allianz. Tesla vehicles are covered by the new car warranty for 4 years or 80’000 kilometers (whichever comes first). Further details can be found on the Tesla website. During the new car warranty, it was also possible to take out the follow-up warranty insurance from Allianz.

The Tesla Follow-Up Guarantee Insurance can be taken out either for 2 years / 40,000 km or for 4 years / 80,000 km. This means that a vehicle can be driven up to a maximum age of 8 years or 160’000 km under warranty.

Update from 22. June 2020 : Allianz is currently no longer offering its insurance product. However, the existing contracts will continue to run. Tesla will replace the Allianz product with an offer from Helvetia Insurance. This new offer is not yet available in all countries.


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  • The extended warranty insurance can only be taken out within the new car warranty. This means within the first 4 years from the date of first registration. In addition, the mileage during conclusion may not exceed 80’000 km.
  • The extended warranty insurance is transferable and can be resold with the vehicle.
  • Battery and drive train are excluded from the warranty, as these components are covered by Tesla’s 8-year warranty.

The providers of a Tesla warranty extension

Details of the warranty extension on the Allianz website.  (will no longer be offered, but existing contracts will continue)

In addition to Allianz, other providers also offer such a warranty extension:

Tesla extended warranty costs

The costs vary depending on the vehicle and can be requested on the insurance website by providing your own VIN number. Offer former Allianz requests from various Tesla drivers in the TFF forum have resulted in the following offered prices:

Model S Germany: 1900 € for 2 years / 40’000 km and 3800 € for 4 years / 80’000 km

Model S Switzerland: 2050 CHF for 2 years / 40’000 km and 4150 CHF for 4 years / 80’000 km

The costs for the Model X are slightly higher.

Pro/Contra and conclusion

Since the insurance costs are relatively high, it is not an easy decision whether the Tesla extended warranty insurance is reasonable. As with any insurance policy, it is only useful if you cannot bear the financial risk yourself. As the saying goes: “Insure only those risks that could drive you into financial ruin.” However, since the repair costs for a Tesla can be expensive, depending on the defect, such an extended warranty insurance can be quite useful. In addition, it can also be seen as an additional increase in vehicle value for resale. Ultimately, it may simply help some Tesla drivers sleep better at night, as repairs can be expensive.

Here are some examples of repair costs for the Model S / Model X:

Exchange on-board loader : approx. 3000 €
Exchange MCU : approx. 4.000 € (Switzerland: approx. 5000 CHF)
Door handle : about 400 to 800 € (depending on whether the handle has to be completely replaced or can be repaired)
Headlights: approx. 2600 € (see also yellow headlight issue, which can occur on many vehicles)
Rear drive shaft, wheel bearings, track rods etc. defective. : about 6400 €
Steering gear defective : 2870 €
Air conditioning : 4700 €
Engine Main Unit: 4500€ (but is covered at 8 years factory warranty and not extended warranty insurance)
Example Price Source: TFF Forum / all prices without guarantee.

According to a Tesla rider’s testimonial on Facebook, the replacement wheel is also covered by the extended warranty insurance. If you have a flat tire with your Tesla, Tesla Road Assistance will fit a spare wheel until your tire is replaced. However, this service is part of the original vehicle warranty and thus limited to 4 years / 80’000 km. If you have the extended warranty insurance, you can extend this service to 8 years or by another 80’000 km:

Experiences with extended warranty insurance are exchanged in the TMC Forum.

Check your VIN number:

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