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Tesla Model 3 hacks and operating tips

With its touchscreen the Tesla Model 3 has many settings and options. To save costs and make the user interface updatable, Tesla has moved as many functions as possible to the screen. There are practically no physical buttons and switches. Even the glove box or the side mirrors are adjusted via the touchscreen. One is not used to this from other manufacturers so far. When using the touchscreen, you can use a few not so obvious hacks, which makes handling the Tesla Model 3 even easier:


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Tesla Model 3 hacks operating tips

  • Change the set speed of the cruise control in larger steps
    With the scroll wheel, you change the speed step by step by 1 Km/h. If you turn the scroll wheel faster and wipe up or down with your thumb, you have steps of 5 Km/h.
  • To quickly set the cruise control to the current speed
    Assuming the cruise control is set to 100 km/h. You pass a sign for 120 Km/h and the display also shows “Max 120 Km/h”. Instead of increasing the speed with the scroll wheel or the plus button on the display, you simply click on the traffic sign of the speed limit in the left third and increase the speed directly to 120 km/h.
  • Autopilot and steering wheel movement
    With the autopilot active, the steering wheel must be lightly touched with a turning move from time to time. This function ensures that the driver keeps his hands on the steering wheel. Alternatively, you can simply operate one of the scroll wheels for a short time. For example, roll up one step and then roll down again. Pressing the scroll wheel is also detected.
  • Removing the charging plug without unlocking the car
    If the vehicle is being charged and locked simultaneously, the charging plug cannot be disconnected. This ensures that no unauthorized persons interrupt the charging process. As no Key FOB is supplied as standard with Model 3, the charging connector cannot be unlocked individually with the FOB without opening the vehicle. However, if you have your mobile phone with you, it will be recognized by the vehicle via Bluetooth and with this procedure, the cable can be disconnected:


    • Press the door handle lightly so that the front part of the handle is only visible for about 1 cm (do NOT press the door handle so far that the door opens).
    • Then you can press the button on the charging cable and remove the cable. If there is no button, you must always stop the charging process from the app or from the screen in the car before you can disconnect the cable.
  • Quickly access the last used app on the screen
    With the square icon at the bottom left of the screen, you can access the various apps. If you want to access the last used app directly without the selection menu, you can simply hold down the icon, slide your finger further up and release it.
  • Quick access to wiper settings
    Press the side button on the indicator lever halfway and the options for wiper operation appear in the lower left-hand display. It is not necessary to click through the menu.
  • Activate “HOLD” mode
    After the vehicle has come to a standstill, the “HOLD” mode can be activated by gently pressing the brake. This makes it easier to start uphill, for example.
  • Switching off seat heating via app
    In cool temperatures, the seat heating of all seats is automatically activated when preheating via the mobile phone app. To switch it off, the seats do not have to be deselected individually. Simply tap on the driver’s seat and hold it with your finger. After a few seconds, the heating for all seats switches off.
  • Switching off air conditioning completely
    Basic and intuitive. But you still don’t necessarily get it: Tap on the propeller/fan symbol of the climate settings and keep it pressed with your finger for a few seconds.
  • Enlarge Spotify bar
    The Spotify display can be switched between different sizes. The easiest way to do this is to tap on the album cover once to switch between full screen and half screen. By holding down the slightly smaller list icon next to the album and moving it up or down simultaneously, the size of the window can also be changed.
  • Navigate home quickly
    Home or work location can be quickly selected as a destination by tapping and holding the “Navigate” button and quickly wiping your finger down. The vehicle will then automatically select whether you want to navigate to work or home.
  • Activating the parking brake
    Anyone parking on a gradient should activate the parking brake. To do this, simply press the “P” button a little longer until the red symbol appears on the screen.
  • Reset of the CCS loader
    If supercharging no longer works on Model 3, the CCS loader will probably have to be reset. Simply disconnect the charger cable, lock the vehicle and leave the vehicle for about 5 minutes. This will activate the energy saving mode and the charger will be reset.

Refer to the Tesla Model 3 User Guide for more information and hacks:

Model 3 Manual Europe

Model 3 Manual US

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