Tesla Model 3 interior differences compared
Image Credits: Tesla

Tesla Model 3 interior differences compared

The Tesla Model 3 is offered with different interior. Depending on the basic price of the vehicle a different interior is standard:

  • The Model 3 “Standard Range” has “Standard Interior” (it is only available in US by call or in store order)
  • The Model 3 “Standard Range Plus” has “Partial Premium Interior”
  • The Model 3 “Long Range” has “Premium Interior”
  • The Model 3 “Performance” has “Premium Interior”

The basic model “Model 3 Standard Range” has also been removed from the online configurator in the US (read post at Electrek) and is now only available on request by phone or in store order. Due to this adjustment, the “Standard Interior” is also not offered via the online configurator, as it is only available in the “Model 3 Standard Range”. According to Tesla, the Model 3 with “Standard Range Plus” was requested six times more often than the Model 3 “Standard Range”. Therefore Tesla only offers the basic model on request and it is not known how long it will be available. In Europe the Model 3 “Standard Range” is not yet available.

The Model 3 “Standard Range” is a software throttled “Standard Range Plus” model with 10 percent less range. Some interior features are missing and certain software functions have been disabled. In the Tesla design studio, it is not immediately obvious what exactly the differences between the interior versions are.

Table of Tesla Model 3 interior differences

The following table shows the differences of the interior in detail:

For used cars, the equipment may differ from the table. Tesla has often changed things in the options.

Notes for the Model 3 Standard Range Plus and the “Partial Premium Interior”:

  • Spotify is now also possible. But only with your own premium account and not with the free Tesla account.
  • For Navigation, the traffic jam data is taken into account, but not shown on the map.
  • This tables data comes from the Tesla online configurator and a table from Reddit.
  • After a 30-day trial period, the paid Premium Connectivity Package is required to continue using the additional online services. If the vehicle is sold privately, the lifetime premium connectivity of the vehicle will be maintained, provided the vehicle already has one.

This pictures at Teslarati show the comparison of the leather seats of the “Partial Premium Interior” and the “Premium Interior”.