model 3 vs model y
Image Credits: Tesla

Tesla Model 3 or Model Y – which model should I choose?

Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. Which one do you need? The Tesla Model Y is a compact SUV based on the mid-size sedan Model 3. This article compares the differences between the two vehicle models.

Update from 3/13/2020: Meanwhile the manual for Model Y has been published on the internet.

The vehicle can be ordered via the Tesla configurator. For USA production started in January 2020 and the first vehicles are expected to be delivered from March 2020. In Europe, deliveries will start at the beginning of 2021.

As with the Model 3, the higher-priced variants with a greater range will be offered first. The entry-level version will then follow in the USA from spring 2021 at a price of 39,000 dollars before tax. In Europe, you will probably have to wait until 2022 for this version.


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Differences between Tesla Model Y and Model 3

According to Tesla, 75% of the parts are identical to the Model 3. The following differences are known so far:

  • Model Y can accommodate up to seven people with the optional third row of seats.
  • The Model Y is about 10% larger.
  • The large tailgate offers convenient access to the luggage compartment.
Image credits: Tesla

You can find the exact sizes to the trunk here.

Image credits: Tesla

Tesla has meanwhile published this video about the trunk.

In terms of size, the Model Y will definitely offer noticeably more space than the Model 3, which can be easily seen when comparing the two vehicle schemes in the following picture (Model Y above, Model 3 below).

model 3 vs model y
Image credits: Tesla

It is also noticeable that the cross brace of the panorama glass roof, which is present in Model 3, is missing in Model Y. Since the Model Y has a tailgate, the roof could be designed differently here.

The following picture gallery shows some interesting photos of a blue Model Y (source: Facebook)

Check your VIN number:

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CarVertical Europe
CarVertical USA


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Video of this Model Y:

The video also shows the third row of Model Y seats. You can’t see much, but it can be guessed that there will be only little space available:

Third row of seats – picture source: YouTube

Meanwhile, the following picture of the third row of seats has appeared on Twitter. It seems to be an optional seat row for children. However, there is also speculation about whether the two rows of seats can be moved.

Picture source: Twitter

In December 2019, the following video was released. Apparently Tesla has slightly changed the design of the trunk lid:

model 3 vs model y
model 3 vs model y

An interesting size comparison was posted on Twitter:

model 3 vs model y
Tesla Model Y vs. Tesla Model 3 height and size (Credit: Jay Yu via Twitter)


So far, it is only known that the interior will be very similar to model 3:

Tesla Model Y Interieur
Image credits: Tesla

Update from 1st March 2020 : more photos of the final interior were published on Tesmanian.

Tesla Model Y final Interior Shot
Tesla Model Y final Interior Shot

Update from 3/12/2020: More photos of the interior of the production vehicles:
link 1
link 2

Comparison values for acceleration and range of the different versions

Performance VersionModel 3Model Y
Acceleration3,4 Sec 0-100 km/h3,7 Sec 0-100 km/h
Range530 Km WLTP known480 Km WLTP estimated
Long RangeModel 3Model Y
Acceleration4,6 Sec 0-100 km/h5,1 Sec 0-100 km/h
Range560 Km WLTP known505 Km WLTP known
Standard RangeModel 3Model Y
Acceleration5,6 Sec 0-100 km/h6,3 Sec 0-100 km/h
Range415 Km WLTP known390 Km WLTP known

Another difference is the structure of the vehicle and the battery cells used. The Model Y vehicles of Gigafactory Berlin are apparently produced with the new 4680 batteries.

Conclusion: Model Y or Model 3?

The Model Y will be an interesting alternative to the Model 3, as the large tailgate provides a function that many people miss in the Model 3. This article will be updated as soon as more details about the differences become known.


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