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Tesla Shelf Lift

Tesla trunk shelf lift retrofit for Model S

Unfortunately, Tesla supplies a trunk shelf without lift function with its Model S. This means that when opening the trunk, the shelf has to be folded up manually each time and then folded down again manually before closing it, otherwise the view through the rear window is impaired. Fortunately, there are enough third-party manufacturers that offer different constructions to install an automatic lift in the form of a thread or string.

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Personally, I like Norm’s version, the “Shelf Butler,” best. But unfortunately for European Drivers, it can only be ordered directly in the USA. Here is a video about it.

(Contact details of Norm for an order are in the description of the video)

This versions of a lift are also available in Europe:


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As an alternative to this Tesla trunk shelf lift it is also possible to build a Tesla “Shelf Butler” yourself: Instructions and photos in the TFF Forum. See more accessories for your car here.


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