Tesla Model X
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Tesla Model X – the most important facts at a glance

The Tesla Model X is a luxury class SUV with four doors, five to seven adult seats and two trunks (one in the front and one in the back). The Model X is based on the design of the Model S and is only slightly longer at 198.3 inches / 5.03 meters. The second and third rows seats can be reached through the very striking falcon wing doors, which give the vehicle an extremely futuristic appearance. Of course these are the eye-catcher beyond comparison and technically, they are so cleverly constructed that a second hinge allows the door to be opened even when there is little space in the car park. Sensors in the door detect any obstacles automatically:

In 2015 the first Model X was delivered and it appeared from the beginning in the “facelift” design known from the Model S. As an SUV, the vehicle is only available with four-wheel drive and, like the Model S, has been sold in various battery capacity versions in the past. Of course, the sporty “Performance” version also delivers best values and offers an acceleration of 2.9 seconds from 0 to 60 mph/ 0 to 100 km/h.


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A SUV for every situation

In terms of features, the Model X is very similar to the Model S. Whether it’s a 17-inch screen with Google map navigation, HEPA filter, Smart-Air air suspension, HD rearview camera or Autopilot. And depending on the age of the vehicle, these options are even included as standard. The Model X also scores with its panoramic roof. Although a glass roof is now standard on all other Tesla vehicles, the Model X offers a exceptional view, as the windshield extends without interruption far above the heads of the front occupants:

Tesla Model X Panorama Glas Dach
Windscreen Model X – Image credits: Tesla

The navigation can display Google Maps and uses live traffic data to calculate the route. With the optional Homelink connection, a garage door can be controlled directly from the screen. If desired, Homelink can also be activated automatically when approaching or moving away from the door.  In addition, the Model X also offers a trailer coupling ex works for up to 2250 kg towing capacity (until mid-2018 it was still optional). Whether caravan, bicycle or ski carrier. With the Model X everything is possible. With the five, six or seven-seater variants, the maximum size of the boot can be ideally influenced when purchasing. Just like the Model S, the Model X also comes with the large tailgate for ideal access to the boot and maximum storage space.

Tesla Model X Skiträger
Image credits: Tesla

Even the police rely on the Model X

The Autopilot and the option for autonomous driving and other infotainment functions such as Spotify music or Netflix and YouTube video streaming are available just like on all other newer Teslas. Older models partly offer the predecessor “Autopilot 1”. In Switzerland, the cantonal police of Basel-City has purchased seven Model X as emergency vehicles. Tesla’s upper-class SUV is clearly a multi-talent. It surprises again and again with details that are not available in the other models. Not only the “Falcon Wing Doors” are an apparent unique selling point, also the automatically opening driver’s door (when approaching with the key) is an eye-catcher beyond comparison.

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