Tesla Model X configurations
Image Credits: Tesla

Tesla Model X vehicle configurations overview

The vehicle configurations are not identical for all Tesla Model X. It is worth comparing the exact equipment features. The following tables list the various functions of the vehicle variants.

Meaning of the symbols:

Feature is standard

Feature is optional

Feature not available

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Model X - Driver Assistance Systems

Cruise control (TACC)
Lane Keeping Assistant
Emergency Brake Assistant
Traffic speed sign recognition
Model X 2015-2019
*2*3*3 or *2*3 or *4*1 or *3*3 or *2*3*3
Model X Raven 2019-today
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*1 = Only with "Full self-driving" option
*2 = Only with option "Autopilot1"
*3 = Only with option "Enhanced Autopilot (EAP)".
*4 = Only with option "Tech Package" and "Autopilot1"

Model X - battery charging and OnScreen equipment

up to 11kW AC charging
up to 16kW AC charging
up to 22kW AC charging
CCS fast charging capability (without adapter)
Dashcam with USB video recording
Sentry mode without USB video recording
Sentry mode with USB video recording
Atari Games
Console Games (Beachbuggy Racer, Cuphead)
Premium Navigation *1
Standard Navigation *2
Spotify Music Streaming
Software updates via mobile connection
Software updates via WiFi
Tesla Theater (Netflix and YouTube)
Model X 2015-2019
Model X Raven 2019-today
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*1 = with satellite maps and real-time traffic flow display
*2 = without satellite maps and without real-time traffic flow display
*3 = Optional until July 2017. After that standard.
*4 = Only vehicles with MCU2
*5 = Only vehicles with Autopilot Hardware AP2.5 or higher

Model X - Vehicle equipment

Premium upgrade package and ambient light
trailer hitch
Metal roof
Air suspension
Roof rack
Centre console shelf
Cold weather package *4
LED headlight
Fog lamps
Ultra High Fidelity Sound
Model X 2015-2019
Model X Raven 2019-today
(table can be moved to the left and right)
*1 = Optional. Standard since July 2017
*2 = Only together with the premium upgrade package. Standard from July 2018.
*3 = Standard as of July 2018.
*4 = Rear seat heating, steering wheel heating and heated wiper nozzles.
*5 = Optional. Standard from July 2018.

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