Tesla Model Y
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Tesla Model Y – the most important facts at a glance

The Model Y is a mid-size SUV crossover with four doors, five seats and two trunks (front and rear). The Model Y is scheduled to be launched in Europe from 2021, while in the US it has been on sale since January 2020. The smaller brother of the Model X is for many people the car they have been waiting for. In the price range of the Model 3 and yet with a large tailgate and low loading sill, it is a more affordable and very spacious vehicle. With its 187 inches / 4.75 meters length the Model Y is only a little longer than the Model 3, but the interior is practically identical, Tesla will also offer a seven-seater version for the Model Y in the future. As with the Model 3, an instrument cluster behind the steering wheel has to be omitted. The operation is completely done via the 15-inch screen in the middle.

About 75% of the parts of the Model Y are identical to the parts of the Model 3, but nevertheless the Model Y is about 10% larger. At the moment the Crossover is only available in the variants “Long range” and “Performance”. The latter shows with 3.5 seconds 0 to 60 mph (3.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h) and 450 hp that the Model Y has nothing to hide in terms of performance. These two more expensive variants are also equipped with four-wheel drive. In detail there are still some differences to the Model 3.


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Model Y : also the first Tesla from Germany in Europe

With the Gigafactory Berlin, Tesla builds its first plant in Europe and the first vehicle to be produced there from 2021 is the Model Y. Probably no such vehicles will be shipped from the US to Europe before then, in any case nothing like that has been hinted at so far. With a range of 298 miles WLTP  (505 km) the “Long range” version is very well-equipped and the Model Y is very similar to the Model 3 in terms of features. The 15-inch display is equipped with Google Maps navigation, HD rearview camera and live traffic data, but also Spotify music or Netflix and YouTube video streaming is possible. With the Autopilot and the optional “Full self-driving” all additional assistance systems are also available.

The optional Homelink connection can also be retrofitted, enabling a garage door to be operated directly via the screen. If desired, Homelink even activates automatically when the vehicle approaches or moves away from the door. Like all Tesla models, the vehicle is constantly being improved by software updates, which gradually offer new free functions and improvements.

The electric car for the masses

Undoubtedly, the Model Y should meet the taste of many people. As a middle-class crossover with a big tailgate it combines the Model S and the Model 3. It will be interesting to see how the customers like it and if the first cars sold in Europe will be really made in Germany. Since currently only the two more expensive versions can be ordered, the Model Y “maximum range” is currently offered for more than 58’000 EUR / 46960 USD and is therefore not really cheap. If the start of production is the same as for the Model 3, you won’t have to wait much longer for the cheaper version.

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