Tesla paint color code
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Tesla paint color code and touch-up pencils

Each Tesla paint color has its own color code. If you need a touch-up pencil because of a small stone chip or other damage, you need to know the exact color code of your vehicle. The following table shows the color number of all Tesla variants and matching offers from Amazon.co.uk


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Model Y Under Seat Storage Boxs Organizer Tray*
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Tesla color code / paint number

Even though Amazon offers also include different vehicle models, the same color tone between model S, X, 3 and Y is always identical. The correct color code is decisive.

General Link to order Touch up paint for Tesla colors from Tailored Paint Store*.

Color nameColor codeAmazon.co.uk Product
Signature RedPPSRRepair set*
Solid WhitePBCWRepair set*
Solid BlackPBSBRepair set*
Metallic BrownPMABRepair set*
Obsidian Black MetallicPMBLRepair set*
Blue MetallicPMMBRepair set*
Midnight Silver Metallic. (Formerly also called "Steel Grey Pearl Metallic")PMNGRepair set*
Green MetallicPMSGRepair set*
Silver MetallicPMSSRepair set*
Dolphin Grey MetallicPMTGRepair set*
Deep Blue MetallicPPSBRepair set*
Titanium MetallicPPTIRepair set*
Red Multi-CoatPPMRRepair set*
Pearl White Multi-CoatPPSWRepair set*
Rims ColorColor code
Midnight Silver*PMNG/NEU-112E
Onyx BlackONYX
Sonic Carbon*NEU-106E
Sonic SilverNEU-107E

Where do I find my color code?

The four-digit color code for touch-up pencils and touch-up kits is located on the label in the frame of the driver door.

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