Tesla range model S
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Tesla range comparison for Model S and Model X

The Tesla Model S and X range of a full battery charge depends on many factors. In addition to driving speed, these include weather conditions and additional energy consumers such as air conditioning and heating. When buying a Tesla, it is important to know how far a battery charge will last depending on driving style. I have included some interesting links and tables on this topic for Tesla range comparison.


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Tesla range comparison diagrams for Model S and Model X

Good comparison tables for Model S and X ranges and consumption at different speeds and temperatures can be found here.

In the following post in the TFF forum a table with a graphical comparison between different Model S and Model X is linked. On the X-axis at the bottom the driven speed in Km/h per hour can be read. On the Y-axis on the left the corresponding range in kilometers. Here is the direct link to the table.

In addition, on the following website you will find a possibility to compare two Model S configurations. Unfortunately, there is no data for Model X available here either.

Check your VIN number:

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Range and battery degradation

With increasing aging of the battery and number of charging cycles, the total capacity and thus the range of the battery also decreases. Such values are also collectively collected by the Tesla Community.

Comparison of battery capacities

This article lists the various batteries and their ranges. Interesting is also the maximum number of charged kilometers that can be covered in 30 minutes on the Supercharger.

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