Tesla short tips

Tesla short tips and hacks that you may not know

This article collects short tips about Tesla vehicles and is being extended with new entries.


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Using Google Maps on your mobile phone, send a navigation destination to the Tesla.

From the “Google Maps” app for iPhone and Android, navigation destinations can be sent directly to the Tesla navigation system:

  • Type a destination in the Google Maps App.
  • Tap “divide” (sometimes you have to move the buttons to the left to see “divide”)
  • Select the Tesla app (this app must of course be installed on the phone).

Model 3: Reset the CCS charging port.

Some Model 3 drivers already had the problem that fast charging via the CCS plug does not work anymore.

The solution: Let the car go into a deep sleep. In other words: get out, close the car and wait for 15-30 minutes. During this time do not access the car with the app, do not open doors and if you are near the car with your mobile phone, Bluetooth must be deactivated so that the mobile phone is not recognized by the Tesla.

How to find specialized Tesla body shops?

On the Tesla website such Body Shop partners are listed.

Engage parking brake.

The additional parking brake can be activated during parking by pressing and holding “P”. (after about 2 seconds you will hear the sound and the “H” appears in the display).

The app reports an error when I want to book a service appointment.

Possible causes are:

  • If the service center has no free appointments for the next 60 days, you will get an error message in the app.
  • If you have an open invoice you cannot book a new appointment with the app.
    This also applies if you have taken out an Allianz warranty extension and Allianz has not yet settled the amount with Tesla.

Water collects in the tailgate of older Model S.

There are two oblong rubber plugs in the lower tailgate, remove them. On newer models only loose plastic caps are fitted to allow the water to drain off.

Model S sunroof rubber seals become brittle over time.

The sliding roof of the Model S starts to rattle when opening and closing the seals and causes problems. Too much friction on the seals prevents them from functioning properly and can even cause the seals to tear.

This can be prevented by regular maintenance. As mentioned in this article in the German TFF forum, graphite dust is particularly suitable for the preservation of seals.

Send error message to Tesla without voice command.

With the voice command “Report” followed by a short error text, an error information can be submitted to Tesla. This is useful, for example, if the autopilot does not behave correctly in a situation and you want to report this to Tesla.

The same function can also be triggered by briefly pressing and holding the “Vehicle Settings” icon. After about 5 seconds the feedback confirmation will appear on the screen.

Use the Tesla to navigate to Ionity quick charge stations.

The Ionity quick charge stations are unfortunately not displayed on the Tesla navigation system. With this trick, you can still navigate directly to the charging station.

  • Install the Ionity app on your mobile phone and use the map and search filter to display the stations. Then open the details of the desired station:
Ionity App Standortwahl
  • The red button starts the navigation in the Google Maps App on the mobile phone.
  • In the Google Maps App, click on the three points in the upper right corner and select “Share directions”.
  • Select the Tesla App from the list. The Ionity location is sent to the Tesla as a navigation destination.

Quickly access the app you last used.

With the square icon at the bottom left of the screen you can access the different apps. If you want to access the last used app directly without the selection menu, you can hold the icon down, wipe with your finger further up and release.

Tesla manuals as PDF

The manuals for your vehicle can be viewed in the customer portal on Tesla.com. However, the documents can also be publicly downloaded from the following links:

Model 3 : EU / US / NO / NL / DK

Model S : UK / US / NO / NL / DK

Model X : UK / US / NO / NL / DK

Towing mode (free rolling) does not work

In towing mode the Tesla can roll freely. This is not only interesting when towing, but also when changing tires, for example. Because there, when using a lifting platform, the vehicle can be pushed a little last to allow the lifting arms to swing under the car.

Clemens Streblow sent me the following tip: According to the manual it should have worked in the towing mode that you can push or tow the car after leaving it.

But with activated PIN, the car leaves the towing mode as soon as you get out and jumps from N to P. Only after deactivating the PIN can the Tesla be pushed without a person in the driver’s seat.

UPDATE from 10/27/19: Apparently the behavior is independent of the activated PIN. On some cars the Tesla will jump back to P even without the pin as soon as you get out of the car. If you repeat the procedure several times, it usually works after the 3rd or 4th attempt. Obviously, this is a software error. (Many thanks to Peter Sebö for the hint).

Tesla App Problem: Communication with Model 3 does not work properly

There are probably errors in the databases for certain constellations and the Tesla App does not work correctly with Model 3. For example, the car will only work with the key card and not with the mobile phone.
Solution: Use the “Forgot password” function on the Tesla website. By reassigning the password, all databases will probably be synchronized again. This solves the problem and the app works correctly again.

Tesla cinema shows only a white screen

After the software update V10 the new function “Tesla Kino” shows only a white screen on some vehicles. With the following trick, this can be fixed by activating the Monty Python Easter Egg. To do this, simply change the name of the vehicle temporarily to “Patsy” (without inverted commas). Afterwards, the Tesla Cinema will be displayed correctly. Of course, you can change the name immediately afterwards.

What to do if the driver faints?

With this tip, the passenger can simply bring the car to a standstill. Simply press the “Park” button at the end of the gear lever once. The car will then brake to a standstill and then activate the parking brake. Ideally, before pressing “Park” you should first activate the hazard warning lights to warn the following vehicles.

Spotify hangs a lot when I drive off with the car.

Usually, it helps if you click on TuneIn for a short time, play a radio station and then go back to Spotify. This usually avoids having to restart the whole MCU.

My tyres are more worn on the inside.

This happens when the smart air-suspension has been calibrated in the standard position, but in everyday life you almost always ride on the low setting.

Solution: The air suspension of model S and X should be calibrated in the most frequently used setting, otherwise the camber usually does not fit and the tires run off to one side.

Tesla vehicle price history

This Google spreadsheet compares the different Tesla models and their development. Even historical price trends are recorded.

Window pane no longer closes properly

Windows that do not close properly can be recalibrated as follows:

  1. Open the problem window completely.
  2. Sit in the driver’s seat and close all doors.
  3. Hold down the problem window regulator for 15-20 seconds.
  4. Pull the problem window regulator fully up for a few seconds.

Tesla Model 3 SR+ MIC – (Made in China) Battery LFP Calibration Tipps

Tesla Model 3 SR+ MIC – (Made in China) Battery LFP Calibration:

  • Drive to 10% SoC.
  • Fully charge (best 11Kw or less) until charging is complete and continue to leave connected for at least 3 hours.
  • The upper value is now calibrated for the first time.
  • Then drive empty to 10% and fully charge again as described above.
  • After that, the range should be at about 409KM.


The Tesla Data Logger

Collect statistics about your trips, power consumption, battery degradation and much more.

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