Tesla Lane Departure Avoidance
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Tesla Lane Departure Avoidance Feature

At the beginning of May 2019, Tesla announced in its Blog the new safety features “Lane Departure Avoidance” and “Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance”. The following article describes exactly which functions are involved and how the experiences with them are described in Internet forums and on Facebook.

These two new functions are activated for the Model 3 and for all Model S and Model X with at least Autopilot 2.5 Hardware. Starting with software version V10 they are also released for Model S and Model X with Autopilot AP2 hardware. Both functions are intended to improve safety while driving with the Autopilot is deactivated.


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Lane Departure Avoidance

The “Lane Departure Avoidance” had already existed before this update and was called “Lane Keeping Assist”. Previously, this feature has warned the driver by vibration of the steering wheel when leaving the lane. So, the old “Lane Keeping Assist” has been renamed to “Lane Departure Avoidance” and now offers the following three additional modes:

  • Off: no warning and no active intervention by the vehicle.
  • Warning: when leaving the lane without flashing, the driver is warned by steering wheel vibration (this corresponds to the former “Lane Keeping Assist”). However, the car does not intervene.
  • Assist: The car automatically steers gently against it if you drift out of lane without flashing.

The “Lane Departure Avoidance” can be switched off permanently.

Tesla lane departure avoidance Settings
Tesla lane departure avoidance Settings

Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

This function was introduced with software version 2019.16 for Model 3. It is used when there is a danger of a collision or when the vehicle threatens to leave the road boundary. The “Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance” seems to intervene more strongly than the normal “Lane Departure Avoidance”. This function can only be switched off for the current trip and not permanently.


The opinions of the Tesla drivers are currently still different. Some drivers report that they deliberately let their vehicle drift towards the side of the road and ELDA intervened perfectly. Others believe that the system also reacts in situations where it should not intervene. Finally, as with all new software features, they are getting better and better with time and updates. Some comments from the Tesla Forum.

In this video both functions are shown while driving.


“Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance” = ELDA.
“Lane Departure Avoidance” = LDA.

Further abbreviations of Tesla terms can be found here.

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