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The best Tesla Apps for Android and iOS

With the official Tesla App, numerous functions of the vehicle can be controlled via the mobile phone. Independent of this, there are other Tesla apps for Apple iOS and Android that have been developed by third parties.

Password Security and third-party Tesla Apps that are not developed by Tesla Inc.

NOTICE: If you use such third-party apps, you should consider carefully whether you really want to entrust the password of your Tesla account to a third-party app or person. The moment an unauthorized person has your Tesla password, he can, for example, locate, unlock and clean out the car.

So if you give your password to an external app, you don’t know where it is stored and who can read it. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to take this risk. This topic and how different apps deal with security is also discussed in the TMC forum.


Model Y Under Seat Storage Boxs Organizer Tray
Model Y Under Seat Storage Boxs Organizer Tray*
by Bomely

Rear Middle Flocking Box For Tesla Model Y (Set of 3 ABS Boxes)

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Rating: 5/5

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)

The well-known website https://abetterrouteplanner.com/ is one of the best route planners for electric car drivers. The app is constantly being expanded with new functions.

  • Plus : free of charge!
  • Minus : –

Rating: 4/5

AutoMate for Tesla AppsAutoMate for Tesla

AutoMate for Tesla allows you to control various vehicle functions via iPhone or Apple Watch. Siri integration for voice control is also available. The app requires a paid subscription, which is renewed annually.

  • Plus : great AppleWatch integration.
  • Minus : chargeable subscription

Rating: 4/5

Dashboard for Tesla

Dashboard for Tesla allows you to control many of the vehicle’s functions via your mobile phone.

  • Plus : Test the full version for one week free of charge. App can detect whether a vehicle allows “uncorking“.

Rating: 4.5/5

Remote for Tesla

Remote for Tesla is one of the most comprehensive apps when it comes to controlling vehicle functions. The app is also exemplary in terms of security, as the manufacturer says that the password is only passed on and not stored on the server.

  • Plus : Good Apple Watch implementation. Password is not stored on the server.


3D MAXpider Front Cargo Liner for Model 3
3D MAXpider Front Cargo Liner for Model 3*
by 3D MAXpider

Model 3 2017-2020 (Smooth Basin Only) Premium Custom Fit Cargo Liner (NOT for 2021 Model/Beaded Basin)

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Rating: 4.5/5

Tesla Appsscan my tesla

Scan my Tesla can read various statistics and meters from the vehicle via an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter. These values are not accessible via the touchscreen or the Tesla app. For example, the temperature values of the individual battery cells can be read out or the total amount of kWh previously charged with direct current (Supercharger). That’s interesting for an insight of the charging speed reduction.

  • Plus : Clear presentation of the statistics.

Rating: 5/5

Tesla Apps StatsStats: For Tesla Model S/X/3

This app controls many functions of the vehicle and offers, for example, the possibility to program the preheating of the battery. Graphical evaluations of the battery health status and time-controlled climate programming are possibilities that the original Tesla App does not offer. Many statistics about charging and energy consumption are also available.

  • Plus : Very extensive. Many statistics can be displayed graphically.

Rating: 3/5

Tesla AppsTEZLAB

TEZLAB allows you to read various statistics like trip data and energy consumption in standby (vampire drain). Also a rudimentary control of the vehicle functions such as climate and setting the charge limit is possible.

  • Plus : Graphic display of the “vampire drain” in standby.
  • Minus : Free app, but probably the business model is based on data collection, since social media integration is also built in.

Rating: 4/5


With TeslaCam, the Dashcam and sentry mode videos can be conveniently read from the USB stick. The most important function is the simultaneous display of all three camera videos of a recording.

no reviews

Tesla Apps TM-SpyTM-Spy

TM-Spy allows the readout of various parameters and values via an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter, which are not accessible via the Tesla screen. For example, the temperatures and charge levels of the individual battery cells can be displayed. The display of the app is not quite as nicely done as in Scan my Tesla. But some data are better displayed live and there is the possibility to save them in the Dropbox.

  • Plus : Good cell temperature display.
  • Minus : is graphically somewhat rudimentary.

iOS beta version on request from the developer.

Rating of these Tesla Apps reflect the score in the App Store.

This is only a selection of the most popular Tesla apps. You will find more in the Google and Apple App Stores.


The Tesla Data Logger

Collect statistics about your trips, power consumption, battery degradation and much more.

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