Who writes here?

Not in the desert… but in the dunes of North Holland

What is this website all about?

Maybe you are familiar with the following situations:

The topic Tesla interests you and you read so much about it in Internet forums or on Facebook. You are looking for specific information, a link or a tip. Something you’ve been reading somewhere recently. But it’s hard to find it in the huge number of posts. Even search engines often don’t help.
You might want to buy a Tesla. The constantly changing options and functions in the equipment of Tesla vehicles make the comparison of new and used cars very difficult. You don’t have an overview which options there were from when, until when exactly and which used cars have a certain option or not. And what are the differences between previous equipment and current new cars? The official Tesla page doesn’t help because it only shows the options of the current new cars.

On Tesladriver.net such information is collected and summarized.

Much of the information on this website can also be found on other sites. However, this collection is intended to provide an entry point in the Internet, where knowledge is bundled and linked to further sources on the net.

Many thanks,
Patrick Bolli

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This website is a private homepage and fan site. It serves as information about driving electric cars, especially with Tesla vehicles.

There is no connection between Tesladriver.net and Tesla, Inc.