Tesla CPO Raven
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What are Tesla Model S and Model X Raven models?

Sometimes you read about a “Tesla Raven”. But what exactly is it about?

Tesla has been concentrating on the development and production of the Model 3 for some time now. Therefore, little has changed regarding the equipment of Model S and Model X. New technologies have now been introduced on the flagship models in April 2019. Tesla does not work with model years like traditional car manufacturers. Innovations always flow directly into production through continuous model updates. Since approximately April 23, 2019, Model S and Model X have been produced under the code name “Raven” with the following new features:


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New equipment in Tesla Raven

  • New motor: Tesla now also uses permanent magnet synchronous reluctance electric motors on the front axle. The Model 3 has been produced with motors of this type from the beginning. Since they are more efficient than the old three-phase asynchronous drives, it is now also used in the Model S and Model X as front motor. During development, the new motors were code-named Raven, so these new Model S and Model X vehicles are also called Tesla Raven models.
  • This more efficient front motor gives about 10% more range and better acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h.
  • For the Model S Performance model, the top speed has been increased to 261 km/h.
  • A higher charging power on Superchargers with 200 kW on V3 Superchargers and 145 kW on V2 Superchargers.
  • The air suspension is adaptive and adapts dynamically. Software updates will further improve this function in the future. The hardness of the chassis can now also be adjusted.
  • The Autopilot software option is now included in the basic price (automatic steering, acceleration and braking considering vehicles and pedestrians).
  • Improved wheel bearing and rim design to optimize range, handling and steering characteristics. In addition, buyers who already own a Model S or Model X will receive a free “Ludicrous” Performance Update when they purchase a new performance model.

Autopilot and Full Self-Driving

Further innovations were made in the software area. The software option “Enhanced Autopilot (EAP)” has been replaced by the free basic “Autopilot” option. However, some previous “Enhanced Autopilot” functions, such as “Summon”, “Smart summon” and “Navigate On Autopilot”, have been moved to the “Full Self-Driving (FSD)” option. New buyers will receive the autopilot for free, but the range of functions is not as extensive as before with EAP. The new features are as follows:

  • Autopilot (included in base price). Enables automatic steering, acceleration and braking, considering vehicles and pedestrians in its lane.
  • Full Self-Driving (fee required). Navigate On Autopilot functionality: automatic driving on freeways from entry to exit including freeway intersections and overtaking slower vehicles. Automatic parking: parallel and right-angled parking. “Summon/Smart summon”: Your parked car will find you in parking spaces and come to you. Traffic light/stop sign recognition with automatic stop/start (US only). Also planned is automatic driving in urban areas.

Practical experience with the Tesla Raven

In the German TFF-Forum different experiences with Tesla Raven models are exchanged. Here is an extract of the opinions:

  • Riding feeling again much calmer and more confident than the predecessor. One has the feeling of floating!
  • Suspension seems to be much more convenient on the MX Raven in standard mode and in sport mode about the same as the previous suspension in the Pre-Raven.
  • Bjørn Nyland’s conclusion is that the MS Raven at 21″ is significantly quieter than the Tesla’s he used to ride. He means almost as good as the Audi e-tron, the quietest electric car he has tested so far.

Will there be a complete “refresh” of Model S and Model X?

In summer 2018 rumors were around a complete refresh of Model S and Model X might be planned. Elon Musk denied this in a Twitter post. Apparently there are not supposed to be any complete revisions, as one is used to from other manufacturers. Innovations always flow directly into the production.


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