Tesla Tech Package
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What is the Tesla Tech package?

Tesla sold the Tech Package as an option for the first Model S. It contains various functions and features that were not included in the basic version of the Model S at that time. The most important feature of the Tech Package is the integrated navigation with Maps. It was therefore virtually indispensable for the vehicles of the first years of production between 2012 and 2015.


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The following functions are included in the Tech Package

  • Turn-by-Turn navigation Maps with free updates for 7 years
  • Automatic keyless entry / door handles pop out when approaching the vehicle
  • Rearview camera in HD
  • Illuminated door handles
  • Front Xenon light
  • LED front bend lighting
  • Front fog lights
  • power tailgate
  • Automatic dimming mirrors
  • Automatic, heated side mirrors
  • GPS-controlled Homelink function (garage door opening)
  • Seats, mirrors and driver profile with memory function
  • Chrome element on the rear bumper

Source of this list: 163Grad

Important aspects of navigation

Without the Tech Package, Google Maps is also displayed on the large center console screen, but it is not possible to use it with guided navigation. The red arrow only shows the current location of the own vehicle, but destination entry and route guidance are not possible without the Tech Package.

Without the Tech Package, the small TomTom Navigation next to the speedometer in the cockpit is also not available.

Not all Tech Packages are the same

Today the Tech Package is no longer as an option available if you buy a new car. Starting from 2015, the functions of the Tech Package have been gradually incorporated into the basic equipment. A newer used car without the Tech Package (from 2015) can therefore already contain equipment that had to be ordered separately as a Tech Package at an older car. The content of the Tech Package has changed over time and it cost 800 Euros for subsequent activation by Tesla.

This overview shows approximately from when on, which options were included in the base of the Model S.

In the EV-CPO Used Car Inventory, the Tech Package can also be selected under “Column Selector” as a selection criterion to search specifically for older used cars with Tech Package.


In my opinion, the Tech Package is a must. The functions are partly only details, but I think they are part of the comfort of a car in this class. And with such a large screen, who would want to use an additional external navigation device?


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