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Tesla uncorking table for 75 kWh batteries

Some Model S and Model X vehicles with production dates between approximately early 2016 and late 2017 are eligible for a free performance update. This subsequent increase in performance is also called “uncorking”.

It concerns vehicles with an installed battery capacity of 75 kWh. Unfortunately, Tesla does not communicate which other technical requirements must be met. Apparently, however, certain hardware requirements are absolutely necessary for the update to be made.


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All vehicles with a production date after July 1, 2017, were already manufactured with the higher performance. I own a Model S75D with a production date of April 2017, i.e. shortly before the conversion to higher performance. Fortunately, my service center could perform the uncorking update for my vehicle. The whole thing took about 30 minutes. The Tesla support can also check remotely in advance if the vehicle is updatable.

Tesla fans have created a table on Google Docs. The goal of this is to find matches in the parameters that entitle a vehicle to upgrade. The table documents in detail on which vehicles the uncorking was successful. Everyone can enter their vehicle on the table and thus help to collect more information.

My USB Flash Drive recommendations for Sentry Mode and Dashcam:


Google Docs table for uncorking

The horsepower increases from 320 hp to 416 hp for the S75 (rear engine) and from 332 hp to 428 hp for the S75D (all-wheel drive).
The time required to go from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour on the S75D drops from 5.4 seconds to 4.4 seconds after the upgrade. On the S75 from 5.8 seconds to 4.6 seconds.

Further information and discussions on uncorking in the TMC Forum.

The mobile phone app “Dashboard for Tesla” allows you to check the vehicle to see if “uncorking” is possible. However, it is not known how reliable this assessment is. After using the app, you should immediately change your Tesla password to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

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