Hydrogen or electric driving
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Why electric driving is the best choice

It is fair to say that Tesla has brought electric driving out of its slumber. But why does Tesla, unlike some of its competitors, focus solely on electric driving and not on vehicles with hybrid or hydrogen drive systems?

The answer is: “Because hybrid doesn’t solve the real problem and hydrogen is too inefficient.”


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Hybrid does not solve “the real problem”? Yes, exactly! It’s great that a hybrid or plug-in hybrid can reduce the consumption of gasoline or diesel due to its electric mileage. This also reduces the emission of CO2, nitrogen oxides, etc. The air in the cities is better, the environment is less polluted, and so on.

So far, all this is wonderful and that’s why pollutants are the big topic in the press at the moment. A huge bickering whether the modern diesel is clean enough or not. Or discussions about which limit values are really realistic so that people don’t get sick from the exhaust fumes. But none of that really matters because:

The real problem is the carbon cycle.

Perhaps you are now thinking: “What do I care about the carbon cycle? I care about the air in front of my door. I agree with you, but it’s too short.

Urban air pollution is a big problem. But more importantly, by burning fossil fuels, such as oil, we are further fueling the carbon cycle. …not only does that put our health at risk…

…we are simply endangering the very existence of humanity.

The blog “wait but why” described this in an excellent article.

It is very long, but also very worth reading. You get a completely different view on this topic:

Part 1: The Story of Energy

The second part then deals with the history of the automobile and why the internal combustion engine prevailed more than 100 years ago. Together with the knowledge from the first part, you will learn why some things work the way they do…

Part 2: The Story of Cars

If you are more sedentary and don’t know the following story, you can read in the third part history of the Tesla company:

Part Three: The Story of Tesla

That’s why electric driving is the better choice

After reading these three Stories, ask yourself if you really want to buy another gasoline car again. For me, it is obvious that I will never buy a petrol-driven vehicle again.

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