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Find a Hotel with EV charging stations

Nowadays more and more Hotel and other accommodation facilities offer EV charging stations for their guests. Nevertheless, it is still not a service that can be taken for granted, as is the case with WLAN almost everywhere. To plan a journey, or to search spontaneously for accommodation on the way, the following websites allow a targeted search for hotels and other accommodation with charging stations:

Tesla Destination Charger

The Tesla Destination Charger Directory lists all accommodations and restaurants that offer Tesla Destination Charger charging stations. All Destination Chargers are also available in the navigation system of a Tesla. – Hotel and Accommodation Filter for EV charging

You can also use to search for accommodation with charging stations:

  • Open the search mask.
  • Type in the destination and click on “Search” to start a query for accommodation at that location. (Date and number of rooms/persons need not necessarily be selected at this point).
  • It is then possible to set filters in the search results. Activate the filter “Electric vehicle charging station” under “Facilities“:

My experience is that you can find many hotels through that are not Tesla Destination Chargers but also offer a charging station for guests.


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On the website you can also search for hotels with charging stations. At the moment, however, not so many accommodations are listed.

Through you can find mainly the same accommodation as on the Tesla Destination Charger website. However, there are also some additional accommodations with charging stations from other manufacturers listed.

The Best way to find a Hotel for EV charging

In addition to the Tesla Destination Chargers, it is practical to be able to use other accommodations with charging stations. But be careful: Not all such charging stations belong to the respective hotel. It is advisable to contact such accommodations without Tesla Destination Charger in advance and clarify the exact charging conditions. It once happened to me that a hotel advertised a public charging station of the local utility company that was located right in front of the hotel. This charging station could only be used with a charging card. But the hotel did not have such a card and tacitly assumed that the customer would take care of it himself. To be able to charge at such places, for example, a charging card from NewMotion or one of another roaming provider is required. Fortunately, in my experience so far this has been an isolated case.

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