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Tesla Parts Catalogue

Image Credits: Tesla

Tesla parts catalog and data sheets

Where can I find the Tesla parts catalog? In the past, Tesla had been rather reluctant to provide technical information and data sheets on vehicle parts and components.

In November 2018, however, online access to the data sheets and parts catalogs was made possible.

Tesla parts catalog

The information is available and freely accessible on the following website.

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Repair instructions

If you want to carry out repairs on the vehicle yourself, you can find unofficial information on this website.

Tesla now also provides do-it-yourself instructions for smaller repairs. At the moment this is only available for the Model 3. Check out more posts about Tesla Technology here.

A list of different repair instructions for Tesla.

Starting in December 2020 there is another way accessing service manuals for free. You can now access the information for free if you register through the Chinese version of the website. And it looks like this is not a bug, it’s a feature.

Service Bulletins

On the website of the “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration“, the so-called Service Bulletins from Tesla can be accessed. These are documents that describe subsequent adjustments of problems and recall actions.
Search for the model name on the website (e.g. Tesla Model 3) and select the corresponding year. Then scroll down and select “MANUFACTURER COMMUNICATIONS”. The listed problems can be expanded and under “Associated Document” you will find a PDF file with official information from Tesla about this problem.

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