Tesla trunk LED lighting exchange
Image Credits: Tesla

Tesla trunk LED lighting exchange

The LED lighting in the trunk and footwell is unfortunately a bit dark in Tesla Cars. At the trunk of my Model S I had the impression with the original LEDs that I almost need a flashlight at night to find something. Fortunately there is the possibility to get brighter LED lights from various dealers in the accessory market. The following LEDs are ultra bright lights, which can be used for doors, trunk or footwell.



  • Abstract Ocean
    The luminaires from Abstractocean are very common and, as far as I know, they are only positively evaluated. With the coupon code “teslainventory” the luminaires can also be ordered with a discount. Unfortunately this dealer is only present in the USA. The shipping to Europe is therefore accordingly expensive.


  • Ali Express – Ultra-bright WHITE LED*
    A very cheap alternative to Abstract Ocean are these LEDs from Ali Express. The housing is 100% identical to the original Tesla LED. They are shipped postage free from China to USA and Europe. The Abstract Odean LEDs and the products from Amazon may even come from the same factory in China. In terms of price/performance this is the best supplier.


The LED’s can be replaced in a few minutes with a few hand movements, a screwdriver and without technical knowledge. The procedure is shown very nicely in this video. The exchange of the trunk LED’s is in my opinion useful for every vehicle. The difference is enormous and really practical in everyday life. About glove box and foot space, as well as doors can be discussed. I left these remaining LED’s in their original condition and only replaced the three lamps in the trunk. That’s the more important part for me. Speaking of the trunk. Another useful upgrade is the trunk shelf lift for the Model S.

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