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Tesla driver profile for narrow car parks

Lower Tesla parking mirror

Maneuvering in car parks is sometimes not easy with the Tesla Model S and Model X because of the vehicle dimensions. European car parks are often not very spacious and scratched rims are almost pre-programmed sooner or later. Due to the lateral lane limitations in parking garages, centimeter work is required with the large width […]

Tesla charging time differences by model

Tesla price charging time

Not all Tesla models charge at the Supercharger with the same speed. The charging time differs in the battery capacity and the cell type used in the Tesla batteries. Tesla used to name its vehicle models after the corresponding battery capacity in kWh. Model S100D, for example, stood for a Model S with 100 kWh […]

Tesla trip planning. How to plan long distance routes

Tesla Trip planning range

I do some long-distance trips with my Model S several times a year. But I regularly hear the following or similar arguments when I talk to someone about electric driving when it comes to the topic of long-distance trip planning with a Tesla: “Electric cars have too little range. They’re only good for commuting and […]

Tesla energy saving during long periods of inactivity

tesla energy saving

A Tesla consumes power from the battery even when it is not in use. The reason for this battery discharge is the Tesla onboard computer, which is always connected to the Internet to respond to requests from the mobile phone app. Also, the check for software updates is done regularly and automatically. Therefore, a Tesla […]

What is the Tesla Tech package?

Tesla Tech Package

Tesla sold the Tech Package as an option for the first Model S. It contains various functions and features that were not included in the basic version of the Model S at that time. The most important feature of the Tech Package is the integrated navigation with Maps. It was therefore virtually indispensable for the […]

Why electric driving is the best choice

electric driving

It is fair to say that Tesla has brought electric driving out of its slumber. But why does Tesla, unlike some of its competitors, focus solely on electric driving and not on vehicles with hybrid or hydrogen drive systems? The answer is: “Because hybrid doesn’t solve the real problem and hydrogen is too inefficient.” Hybrid […]